First Day of Kindergarten: Through the eyes of a mom

Let them be little, ’cause they’re only that way for a while. (Billy Dean)

They scream, they shout, they cry their lungs out.
They struggle; they kick and can sometimes bite…
This is a survival instinct all in the name of wanting mommy to come back.

The first day of school is always a challenge for the parents, the teachers and care givers but most of all, the little one. We can never be too prepared.

The previous night we sleep early so that we are in time for the first day of school. For most first time parents, the months leading up to this day are filled with anxious moments. We want to find the perfect school, the one that has a serene environment. We often wonder if our child will be able to cope away from home and the list goes on and on. But here we are finally, the first day of school. Everyone is ready to go and out we go. We arrive and begin to make that long walk towards the class.

Already you can hear screams from a distance and you tightly hold your little one’s hand. You expected it but here you are, tempted to turn back and go home. Bravely you march on with an anxious smile as you come face to face with parents who are through with registration and you say to yourself, “These must be veteran parents, who are used to first day of kindergarten.” Finally you find yourself standing at the class door. You pull your child to the side to capture those sweet moments. They smile back and it melts your heart. You take their hand and open the class door, and your heart wants to leap out of your chest.

The chaos in class, it is a battle zone with children screaming and crying. Some are seated on the floor ready to leave class at every opportunity when the door opens. You see this little boy and girl clinging to you and asking, “Where is my mommy? I want to go home”. You cannot wait to be through with the teacher but then again, the pictures of those tear filled eyes are stuck in your mind and you imagine your child crying to a stranger the same way.

Now it is time to leave and your child calls out to you. And your legs almost freeze. You turn and say, “Bye baby, I will be right back”. Did you just lie to your child? Why does it feel like you did? You walk away hastily as possible to avoid hearing them cry. You are tempted to go back and peek to see if your little one is crying, but you know well that they are in safe hands.

What was your first day like? Share your views and tips on how you survived the first day of kindergarten.